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Stylelok celebrity collection is a collection of exclusive designs which have been worn by many of your favourite celebrities in various social and pulblic events. To get the same look as your favourite star, our designers minutely observe the real design and closely Replica a design similar and identical to the original at a cost affordable by common person and feel special. In No way our replics are original designs as worn by the celebrity.

Bollywood Replica ALL

Stylelok designs of Bollywood replica designs are a most beautiful and gorgeous designs. Our inhouse designers make sure that the quality of fabric used and the intricate work closely resembles to the original design. We have a great range of all latest replicas in Bollywood Lehengas, Sarees and Salwar Kameez. 

Bollywood Replica 

Stylelok collection of Bollywood Replica Sarees are most fashionable, stylish and elegant collection of sarees, closely replicated to bring that LOOK AND FEEL from the original design. The quality of fabric used and the kind of work done by our designers is our optimum quality and we manufacture only high quality replicas.

Bollywood Replica Suit

Stylelok collection of Bollywood replica Suits are high quality beautiful replication of the original design, keeping intact the color combination and LOOK ALIKE feel. We manufacture only High quality designs in our replicated styles of the dresses.

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